Profilo Aziendale

Intersolar SA was founded in it's present form in 1993. The company is a manufacturer of solar equipment and a distributor of solar and heating euipment. The offices are situated in the am address in Athens, whereas the factory is situated in the industrial area of Oinofyta, 50 km north of Athens.

Intersolar employs 15 people and has an annual turnover of appr. 1 Million US$. It is a member of the Greek Solar Industry Association and the European Solar Industry Federation and participates actively in the development of the new European Standards for Solar Equipment.

The main products are:

  • Solar collectors of various types and sizes ie. highly selective (Alanod, Blackchrome, Teknoterm) or black painted absorbers, with solar or normal glass, with doulble insulation and aluminium casing.
  • Solar boilers from 120 to 200 liters capacity, inox or enamelled, with cast Polyurethane insulation with electrical backup heaters and optional coil heat exchanger
  • Complete thermosiphonic solar water heaters (systems operaing without pump and control)
  • Mounting accessories for flat and tiled roofs (Aufdach)
  • Other related products manufactured at a subcontractor status for certain customers

The collectors and solar water heaters have been tested by the following authorised organisations for durability and performance according to the EN 12975, EN 12976, ISO 9806-1, 2 and DIN 4757 Teil 4 norms:

  • TUV Bayern Sachsen in Munchen, Germany
  • ITW in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Demokritos Centre in Athens, Greece
  • INTA in Spain

The production quality control system is certified according to ISO 9001, whereas the collectors are Keymarked and homologated in Spain. Intersolar solar water heaters carry the CE Mark.

Intersolar has been awarded the First Prize for Quality in Products and Production Processes by the Greek State Organization of EOMMEX.

The products are distribuded throughout Greece and in several European countries (Germany, Italy , Spain, Malta etc.) The company has a strong international orientation, participating in the main European shows Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece etc.